Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Incredibly Thankful For...

  • Firstly, am thankful that in 2 weeks I will be living in a new house with internet so will be blogging lots and lots more than I have been, so sorry for my prolonged absence!
  • Am soon going to be living with another gorgeous couple from church - really looking forward to getting to know these guys better :)
  • That for the last 9 months I have been living with the absolutely wonderful Jones family, can't begin to explain how much of a blessing they have been. I haven't been around much recently (I am always with a certain someone :) ) and still they have been incredibly lovely and always there for a lovely chat, family meal, BBQ and much laughing! I am going to miss living there!
  • I am beyond thankful for the totally amazing, generous, handsome, romantic, funny, strong, talented, thoughtful, loving, huggable, honest, open hearted MIKE VYCE. I LOVE HIM!! (manic little joyful outburst teehehe)
  • Getting excited about the future
  • The beautiful sunshine and amazing BBQs with friends - complete with Salmon, Venison Burgers and Bananas with Mars Bars :)
  • Actually having a little bit of work to do at work! A real novelty! I like work, much better than hours of doodling, blue-tack art or spider solitaire lol!
  • Friends weddings! Jess and Toby got married on saturday and the day was very them and soooo chilled out and beautiful, here's a couple of pics...

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