Thursday, 21 April 2011

Things to be thankful for...

It has been aaages I know, am going to try getting back into the swing of things with being thankful - as usual there is so much to be thankful for...
  • A beautiful weekend with family and friends celebrating my little sister Sarah's 18th birthday! A very sunny weekend involving the biggest chinese takeaway you've ever seen for 18 people, an amazingly funny video we all put together for Sarah, Mike experiencing more of my crazy family, wedding talk (can't avoid that these days :P) and lots of fun!

(P.S. My husband-to-be is gorgeous!! :D)

  • Spring/summer is most definitely here! We don't really get much of a distinction these days (silly global warming!) and it seems to go straight from freezing winter to blazingly hot summer (well... blazingly hot for England anyway, I know we don't match up to you aussies :P).
  • I love summer evenings and blossom and it being warm enough to not wear a jumper. Lovely jubbly!
  • Small and large financial blessings - like unexpected free bus journeys, creative contributions to wedding preperations, constantly finding more in bank accounts that you thought would be there! :)
  • Finding out my Auntie Rachel is coming all the way from OZ to be at our wedding and represent the Aussie Bunch! Amazing! :)
  • The 250 metres of colourful bunting my sister has made for our decorations.
  • Potentially huge job opportunities coming my way soon!
  • 2 months and 4 days till our marriage begins!!
  • Mike being more and more amazing, and supportive and lovely and understanding every day!
  • Finally feeling a lot better after 3 weeks of on and off illness and feeling rubbishly low!
  • Music and it's power to help me feel emotions I knew were bubbling away in there somewhere!
  • My internet stumbling put out to share on my new Pinterest Account :)
  • The awesomeness of creation - check out this stunning video...

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Christmas Present Day!!

Ok I know that christmas is old news but yesterday I got to use my Christmas presents! Brooke Fraser Gig Tickets and a day trip to London! As you may well remember at Christmas time I was half way round the world from Mike so that's why it happened yesterday - and that's when the gig was!

It was an AMAZING day and by far the BEST gig I've ever been too. Brooke was already my favourite musical artist ever but she really blew us away yesterday - INCREDIBLE!
We left the venue positively beaming! :D She's playing in Birmingham on the 12th April and London again on the 13th - there's still tickets - go see her!!

Oh and a lovely afternoon was had visiting the Natural History Museum funfunfun! All in all a truely lovely day! Thank you Mike! :D Here are a few piccies...