Friday, 1 April 2011

Christmas Present Day!!

Ok I know that christmas is old news but yesterday I got to use my Christmas presents! Brooke Fraser Gig Tickets and a day trip to London! As you may well remember at Christmas time I was half way round the world from Mike so that's why it happened yesterday - and that's when the gig was!

It was an AMAZING day and by far the BEST gig I've ever been too. Brooke was already my favourite musical artist ever but she really blew us away yesterday - INCREDIBLE!
We left the venue positively beaming! :D She's playing in Birmingham on the 12th April and London again on the 13th - there's still tickets - go see her!!

Oh and a lovely afternoon was had visiting the Natural History Museum funfunfun! All in all a truely lovely day! Thank you Mike! :D Here are a few piccies...

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