Saturday, 16 June 2012

Things to be Thankful For...

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  • For one glorious year in our lovely little flat! I moved in last year on the 15th June, 10 days before our wedding! This has definitely been the best place to live in our precious first year of marriage, and I keep realising more and more how amazing it is! Fantastically cheap rent for Bath City Centre (and Bath in general), A lovely and helpful Landlord, A stunning view of a bit of Iconic Georgian Bath. Also because it's on the 2nd floor it is almost always filled with light and we hardly ever feel it's smallness because of this. 10 walk to work for Mike and Me, 5 minute walk to Church, by the river, 2 mins from the supermarket!! What a blessing!!!!!
  • During the worst cold/cough 'thing' I've had in a few years, rendering me voiceless, I am thankful for cough medicine that works, painkillers and tissues, a comfy sofa for middle of the night when trying not to wake hubby with said coughing, not to mention the blessing of all this falling in a 3 week gap of me not having to do any serious singing.
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  • For the privilege of witnessing the AMAZING things God does on a daily basis. Sick friends being miraculously healed, Side-effect free Chemotherapy, Barren friends now expecting babies, Lives restored, Marriages healed, Freedom found, miraculous finances and jobs. Basically - there are incredible testimonies of God's goodness wherever we look! Not to mention all Mike and I have seen God do in our lives. I hope and pray I never take these things for granted... these are exciting days :D
  • I know I've said it before, but it's still true... Our church Freedom Bath & Bristol - is FANTASTIC! It's FULL to overflowing of Freedom, creativity, vision, faith, strength, and incredibly humble, inspired and faith-filled leaders. It's real and full of real people so it's sometimes messy but it's a BEAUTIFUL mess in those times. God is moving here, in this place and I'm so excited to be a part of it. The Journey so far has been tough... but AMAZING, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
  • I have now been self-employed for a year and more stuff has happened than I ever thought possible in this time. I have been blessed with the opportunity to start doing all the things I love but also start off slowly as I needed time to figure out what I was doing, how to do it and to get creativity flowing again. However, a year later I have 5 singing pupils, I am teaching weekly classes and workshops for NGM, I've have fallen back in love with music and found my songwriting feet, written my first EP ready to launch in the Autumn. We are also recording our first church album in september. I also nanny for two lovely children, sometimes challenging but more often than not quite fun really! I think that's quite a successful year really!
  • Last, but definitely not least, I'm thankful for... beautiful sunsets, talented creative and musical friends willing to give up their time to be involved in my projects, good books to read, cute babies to cuddle, safe deliveries of friends babies, film and TV series watching buddies, holiday plans, 1st anniversary plans, answered prayers, money in our bank account, odeon premier cards, new phones, yummy food in my belly, a free health service, clean water to drink, a home to live in, 2nd chances, 500th chances... A GOD WHO LOVES ME EXACTLY THE WAY HE MADE ME! :D

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