Friday, 5 February 2010

A Little Revelation!

I had a very weird scenario today that a few months ago I would have thought impossible...

Between finishing my degree in June and starting my current job in November I was unemployed and very skint. I had a job interview around once a fortnight and even though they all went extremely well I was never successful in being given the position. Once such job was a 'Retail Assistant' job in a brand new, huge New Look in the same shopping centre I now work in. Not the greatest job in the world I hear you say but I was very qualified, flexible with all the hours they wanted, had a brilliant interview, they said they loved me, and to be honest the idea of 50% staff discount was very exciting. I didn't get the job even though they were offering 80 positions in this new store! I was gutted!

Today I sat in a meeting for Management for the whole of SouthGate shopping centre representing my store (there were only around 15 people who had been invited to this meeting) and guess who I was sat next to for the whole meeting...... The Manager of New Look! The very same guy who'd interviewed me and then not given me the job! I don't think he recognises me (after all they interviewed hundreds of people) but I couldn't help feeling that God clearly had had much better things in store for me than I thought possible for myself! Now I am the acting manager of a store when only 3 months earlier I was turned down for a much lower job! Amazing!
I have to say I was surprisingly comfortable sitting there discussing possible marketing opportunities and store turnovers! It just goes to show that you never know what's around the corner on this very wiggley journey through life and to be honest I quite enjoyed being surprised by this one. Thank You God that you are in the driving seat!

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