Sunday, 28 February 2010


It is so easy to moan and find fault and I often go the whole day and sometimes a whole week and realise that I have moaned about so much and been thankful for so little! So here I go... here is a list as big as I can bring to mind at this very moment - hopefully this will help me start to counteract all that is in me that is ungrateful, selfish, self-centered, negative, stressed, worried and critical.

* I am loved unconditionally and perfectly by my maker. Continuously forgiven for all my stupid mistakes and inconsistencies, saved by Grace and living in Freedom. I am on the path to knowing life in all it's fullness and I know the Author of truth, light, hope and love. I will never understand or comprehend it all fully but the beauty is that I don't have to, this goes beyond any form of earthly logic or law and I don't have to worry for I am safe in the arms of the one who knows exactly how I work, think and feel and still loves me!

* I have a flippin' awesome church where I love being rooted, connected and part of building the Kingdom surrounded by the wisest, kindest, most inspiring and passionate people I know; people I am honoured to call my friends. 'Freedom Bath & Bristol' has done so much for me over the past 3 and a half years, they have helped me with spiritual and emotional breakthroughs, taught me how to cry, stood with me when it seemed like all around me was falling, celebrated with me when God made a way and provided answers to prayer, encouraged me, raised me up to use my giftings more confidently for the house, laughed with me on numerous occasions, taught me to have fun and enjoy this life as we live it all together whatever that life may bring our way!

* I have been blessed with a job with a paygrade and responsibility that I never expected for this season of my life. It is earning me enough to be living in the city I have grown to love and with the people I love, and enough to be paying for my fast approaching adventure! It is not always easy or fun but it is pushing me, shaping me and giving me skills that I'm sure in the future will help open doors!

* I have a home in Bath with an absolutely Gorgeous Family (Big up the Jones Family!). They have blessed me so much with their 'food-included' rent, home cooked meals, unlimited washing machine use, dinner time banter, family life (cat included!), a beautiful bedroom, big words of wisdom, prayer and love! Choosing to live in Bath would not have been possible without these guys!

* I have parents that have always been supportive of my dreams and passions, built me up, trusted me and rejoiced with me. In my newly independent 'left-home' situation they are always only a phonecall away and available for a catch up chat. I am so blessed to have parents that know God and therefore sort of understand where I am at and when I need prayer. I have two beautiful, talented little sisters that I adore and are always prepared with funny film quote banter when I need cheering up. We are so different yet so similar and I LOVE it! I also have an amazing wider family and I love the banter between me and my many many cousins! Whoop whoop for family!

* I have brilliant friends, both in Bath and further afield. People who I love spending time with through good times and bad who put up with my annoying habits and are always there to support me. We're are not blood related but we are family just the same!

* I am so thankful for the gift of music and for living in a world full of it! Music helps me convey my emotions and passion and joy in a way that I couldn't express otherwise!

* I have just bought a beautiful new camera and it will be arriving later this week!!! I love photography and I can't wait to get super creative with my photos! This was also a financial miracle as on Amazon this camera was £85 cheaper than it's RRP! A beautiful camera and a bargain - whoop whoop!!

* I am thankful for Porridge breakfasts! Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day but my recent discovery of porridge has taken this to a whole other level!

* I am thankful for and am loving the fact that I have lost a stone in weight!!!! OH YES!!! Only 2 more to go!

* I am thankful that I live in this modern tech-loving age, how did people survive without the internet!? I know and agree that technology hasn't always been for the better and in lots of ways has ruined our relationship and communication skills. But just the sheer fact that I can post this message and it can be viewed by people all over the world and how much smaller the world is with this tech simply astounds me - I am in awe!

* I am extremely thankful for consistent re-runs of friends on TV. There is nothing like relaxing after a long day at work in front of something that you really don't have to think about. I know it's a bit trashy and americanised but it makes me laugh and I am not ashamed lol!

* I am thankful that I am me, I am an original and I fit right here, right now exactly where I am supposed to be. I am full of hope and anticipation for the things ahead and excited to see what may come out of this little life of mine, and all of this because of the freedom I know in him - Thank You JESUS!

I am thankful for many many many more little things that fill my life, too many to mention. But it has worked, even writing these few things down I am already feeling a lot better. This little list is already a lot longer than the list of things I was moaning/feeling negative about before! Thank You God for everything!!

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