Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Camera!

Went for a walk with my new camera today and it was a JOY!! Here's a few of my snaps...

These flowers were growing in a huge area of just mud - not even one tiny little bit of grass! Nothing like seeing something bloom in a situation of adversity! Cheesy but true!

Botanical Gardens in Victoria Park - beautiful and peaceful!
It's a good thing Bath has a ready made sight to try out the new camera's panoramic settings!
Mmmmmm Macro settings to die for!

Beautiful Bath! Did feel a lot like a tourist roaming around taking photos of the Bath sights but it was a lot of fun :)

Then I went to an amazing art exhibition put on by the wonderful students from Freedom Art's College. All these artists are soooo talented and the art was real food for my spirit!

Artist: Amy Samuel - these paintings were like heaven to me! The use of colour just turned me to happy mush (that's a good thing btw lol!). If I had a spare few hundred £'s the blue one would be mine!

Artist: Sarah Cooper - I love the freedom expressed in this, simple yet effective. What a talented friend I have!

Artist: Zoe Grieves - lush textiles!

Well, that's that then. I think I can safely say my camera is proving itself big time. I've had a lovely day so far because of all my creative exploring :D 
Off to do some songwriting now - YAY!

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