Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sometimes it's the simple little things...

  • Absolutely anything Peacock Blue - it makes me VERY happy! (Photo by my friend Naomi Bennett)
  • Singing along to music in the car - especially with other people harmonising. Actually Harmonies and Singing in general - anytime anywhere!
  • Sunsets and Sunrises. Sunrises are more effort to see and therefore more beautiful - trust me they're worth it :)

  • Lush vocal arrangements (The only reason I like GLEE - I promise :P)
  • The seaside in summer
  • The seaside in winter
  • The seaside at dawn
  • The seaside at sunset
  • Stargazing in the country - no light pollution = brilliant!!
  • Weddings, especially the speeches and watching the Groom during the entrance of the bride - loveliness!
  • Waking up and realising I have more time to sleep (I set 2 alarms half an hour apart every morning for this reason - mad I know!)
  • 'It's a small world' moments.
  • Hearing peoples stories/testimonies
  • Photography - I'm not great at it but I do LOVE photos in general!
  • A great melody that stays in your head for days
  • Hearing someone humming something that you know they sub-conciously picked up from you days earlier :)
  • Cheesy disaster movies - I will explain why sometime!
  • Milk to drink, avacados to eat! (Not necessarily at the same time!)
  • Converse trainers! Oh so many beautiful colours! I own 4 pairs - oops :P
  • Having time to blog! (even though right now I should be sleeping! lol)
  • Walking around barefoot - especially on grass or sand!
  • God's timing, God's sense of humour :)
  • Driving under rainbows.
  • The smell just before/after it's rained.
  • Thunderstorms in the summer - gotta love a good bit of thunder and lighting!!
  • The Psalms and their author David. A whole biblical book full of songs and wonderful lyrics that quite often put the prayers I need to pray into words for me :)
  • Lying in bed when it's pouring with rain outside!
  • Eating ice (Weird I know lol) - the crushed stuff is the best (best thing about Nandos is that you get free re-fills with crushed ice on tap hehehe!)
  • Writing lists - only recently discovered this one in my boredom at work. Lots more list blog posts coming up I feel :)
  • Film music. Linked to my favourite video on YouTube
  • Quoting funny lines from films with my sisters - especially Shrek, Ice Age, Finding Nemo etc
  • Disney - I won't deny it any longer, this is my childhood, Hercules is the best!
  • Solo Piano music to work to. Anything by Ludovico Einaudi or on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.
  • Making Mix CDs for people I love :)
  • How holding his hand is enough to make my day!
  • His smile, his honesty, his integrity, his faith, his passion, his hugs, his bad jokes - Him in general :)
  • Romans 8 v 31-39, Isaiah 43 v 1-4
That's all I can bring to mind right now, pretty sure this could flow into a second blog post sometime down the line. I love being thankful for all this stuff and realising how much of it there is :)

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  1. Hey!
    does your friend Naomi Bennett order from Adoramapix?! Cause I got a print of someone else's in an order that looks JUST like that peacock one!!! Crazy! :) send me an email if its hers! haha my e-mail is
    How's married life?!