Saturday, 29 October 2011

Things to be Thankful For...

  • 4 months of Married Awesomeness!!!
  • My live-in husband back-scratcher = Bliss, actual bliss! :P
  • Cold autumn mornings, with fog and white breath and sunshine all at the same time!
  • Friends having babies - Baby Bella born yesterday and Baby Eden will be born next week hopefully! Beautiful, very excited for them :)
  • Time to do a Jigsaw puzzle with friends who are waiting for the imminent arrival of said baby Eden.
  • My first ever bunch of flowers from my husband! :D Don't worry though he is romantic in lots of other non-traditional ways :)
  • Being able to make the most of last completely free saturday (maybe till christmas), with Mr V! What started with a lie-in became a lovely lazy day complete with Fry-up, PJs, Xbox, lots of laughter, some Alias, and lots and lots of hugs! :D
  • A very successful first proper lesson at NGM on thursday, I felt like a proper teacher and everything! 
  • Amazingly after pulling a muscle in my back last weekend and having a VERY painful week beginning, miraculously the pain had completely gone by tuesday lunchtime and I have had a brilliant and productive week despite the setback. Thanks for the prayers!
  • Constantly finding more in our Bank Account than we estimated having in there.
  • Having a fantastically talented Mum who is making me a new winter coat for this year! After having bought her the fabric and buttons, she will still be saving me at least £30, and I get a well-made, designer, original Coat that will last years longer than one from the highstreet! Genius!
  • I got to go to the Cinema twice this week. Once for free, thanks to Nannying :)
  • After weeks and weeks of my designing, our Wedding Photo Book has finally been printed and is stunning if I do say so myself!
  • Being able to hold off turning on the heating that little bit longer due to sharing a bed! 
  • Having travel expenses paid for work that effectively covers ALL of our weekly petrol costs as they pay 40p a mile (about double what it actually costs)! TYJ!
  • The exciting weekends planned ahead!

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