Saturday, 31 December 2011


2011 - The year of MASSIVE blessings and dreams fulfilled.

1 x Marriage, adventure started
1 x Wonderful Husband
1 x Name change
4 x Countries visited
60 x Hours on a plane
1 x Volcano climbed
1 x Glacier hiked
25 x Whales seen
18 x Hostels slept in
6 x Friends Weddings
3 x New Jobs (at the same time) (Self-employment technically)
1 x Dream career started
30 x Books read
1 x New Flat
4 x Tax Rebates
1 x New Car
Approx 5000 x Photos taken
Numerous x Prayers Answered
Numerous x New revelations had

Plus lots of new friends made, new fantastic music discovered, stunning sunsets seen, board games played, friends and family visited, babies cuddled, happy tears cried, hugs given and received
.... to name just a few things! :D 

Wow! Here's to 2012, hoping yours is full of love, hope, music and JOY!

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