Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Things to be thankful for...

Have come home from work early feeling ill, hormonal, in pain,very tired, and needlessly quite low.
A thankful list is definitely what is needed right now, It has been waaaayyyy too long!

Things to be thankful for...
  • Mike asking me to MARRY HIM...... and for me saying YES! (full story to follow on the blog eventually)
  • Having a God who hears prayers and answers.
  • Learning to spend time seeking God on my own and with Mike - very precious times!
  • Emotion - strange I know, but after years of not being very good at expressing any and keeping it bottled, I am very glad and thankful for feeling them all and being more capable of deciphering them. Especially thankful for being able to cry and that being ok :D
  • Coming home to a bedroom that is toasty warm and very conducive to relaxing and feeling a bit better.
  • Bryan - the homeless 'Big Issue' seller from outside my shop. He greets me with a smile several times a day, keeps us all very entertained with his utterly brilliant sales pitch (He's top of the Bath Big Issue selling league - yes there is such a thing lol!). For his positivity, his work ethic, his honesty, his friendliness, his hope, that is teaching me humility and to see God working in unlikely circumstances and very brief conversations.
  • The ever changing sky, the fact that sunset happens every day and I very often get to see it and get my breath taken away!
  • A new work playlist consisting of songs that I actually like and want to sing along to!
  • A never ending supply of hugs :)
  • Cafe Nero, Mochas with cream, and nice Cafe Nero employees who give me extra stamps on my loyalty card so I get a free drink more often!
  • A new Brooke Fraser album - Big Whoop!!! Check out this beauty...

  • Only approx 6 weeks left in this 'oh so wonderful' Job!! :D
  • Only approx 7 weeks left till my travelling adventure!!
  • Planning genius creative plans (Can't say anymore right now as I'm planning surprises for a certain amazing person but these may find their way to the blog sometime in the future :P )
  • For being able to buy wedding magazines and web-surf to my hearts content and not feel like I'm being naughty and jumping the gun. It's allowed cause I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!! :D
  • Finding a new beautiful song that  inspires me and is re-teaching me to worship God...
  • Cooking a yummy toad-in-the-hole from scratch that actually rose and tasted lovely!
  • Sharing with friends what we were thankful to God for and massacring a toffee cake with a load of multi coloured candles and melted wax in the process - indoor fireworks!
  • All my lovely friends and family who got excited with us about our engagement and sent lovely cards and messages of love ,support and prayer and very exciting homemade presents - yes especially you Leah and Sarah with your hilarious edited and personalised wedding magazines - you will be brilliant and beautiful bridesmaids! :)
  • Wedding planning getting off to a relatively easy start! (lots more of this to share with you in future posts!)
  • Having hair long enough to curl over my shoulder in a pony tail.
  • It getting cold enough for me to break out my rather large collection of beautiful scarves :)
  • Having somewhere to live until the wedding.
  • Continuing financial miracles.
  • Being loved by a God who loves my vulnerability and it being ok to be slightly scared and not have all the answers in life! He will walk with me every step of the way.
  • Mike in all his perfectness - I'm not saying he's perfect, neither am I - but we are PERFECT FOR EACHOTHER! Thank you for loving me :)

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