Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sandbanks Walk - BEAUTIFUL LIGHT! :)

Just a little something of a post to keep you going until I finally manage to blog about the big things! I know, I know I'm being rubbish!!

Anyhooooo... yesterday was 'parents meet parents' day and we went for a lovely walk in lovely autumn pre-sunset light, the following are some of my favourite photos, taken on my new camera...


Successful panoramic shot - whoop whoop! :)

So there we go, not a small amount I know, it was too hard to choose only a couple :P
Ooh and a big thanks to the guy in the photo below, my dad, the professional photographer and our first photography session as Father and Daughter! Thanks Dad for the tips on the technical stuff - looking forward to many more joint camera outings! :)

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  1. what new camera did you get and HOW did parents meeting go???!! xsx