Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Have just finished a lovely (if not wet, stormy and cold) weekend in Melbourne. Quite a different city to Sydney, not just in climate, but in feel. Was a lot easier to get to know and hang out with my room mates here, whereas in Sydney the Hostel was so big and people were on the go all the time so there wasn't much of a chance. In Melbourne hung out a little bit with Lisanna from the Netherlands, Ashleigh from Ohio and Helen from London. I even bumped into two more guys from Bournemouth - seriously what are the chances!
Despite bad weather I still managed to do quite a few things including The Melbourne Aquarium, The Royal Botanical Gardens (Huge and beautiful!), Free tourist tram around the city, chilled in federations square, ice-cream in the pouring rain, $3 pizza and a one day sunset tour bus trip along the Great Ocean Road!
So here are a few photos, I will do a whole separate post for the Great Ocean Road as there are lots and lots of photos! Quite a lot of the photos are flowers from the gardens in Melbourne, boring I know but beautiful and I am LOVING the macro setting on my camera lol!

Random (but apparently quite famous) modern art in Melbourne...

Royal Botanical Gardens


Red marble wall and red stone paving at Federation Square - nice!

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