Friday, 23 September 2011

Thankful For...

  • The FACT that HIS Love never fails, never gives up and never runs out on me!
  • Morning sunshine after a couple of days of rain
  • My Husband who still thinks I'm lovely when I'm so sure I'm not
  • Having so much singing to do I'm actually losing my voice (need to get training again!)
  • For being woken daily with a hug
  • Time to pray whilst walking in the sunshine :) After a couple of weeks of distance and confusion it was great to connect again.
  • For someone whose only technically 'employed' 9 hours a week - I am feeling really busy!
  • Female friend time playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox! Yes you read that right lol! Jess - we shall do it again! :D
  • We looked after our friends 9month old last night and he/we survived! He didn't even cry - in 3 hours! Thank you God! :D Also turns out he loves the camera. Blog, meet William...

(NB Just because I realise how a post about babies looks like straight after a post about my wedding... don't even go there lol! Not me, we're not at all broody! We just have lots of friends with very cute babies! Absolutely no need to currently 'watch this space' :P)

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