Thursday, 20 January 2011

Franz Josef Glacier - Walking on Water! :P

So (finally after an original cancellation due to a cyclone) a day later than planned, I did a guided Glacier hike in Franz Josef and it was AMAZING!!! Walking up volcanos one week, glaciers the next - wow!! The only downer on the day was being equipped with too small boots so half the walk was agony and the blisters are really something - but oh well i can live in flip flops for a week now! :)
Check out the photos...

The day before this you could barely see a foot in front of your face! Looks like the weather improved for us finally! (Though please note that here it ALWAYS rains, even on a good day - hence the complete waterproof outfit)

Yes - we went down here!

Our guide Tubs, doing his stuff cutting steps for us!

Check me out looking all proffessional! (May I point out, we were not all given ice picks, this belongs to our guide!)

And past this sign is exactly where we went lol!

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