Thursday, 13 January 2011

Kiwi Experience - Part 2!

So it's the first time I've had internet access and the time to update you all in 4 days!! Since Taupo and the Tongariro Crossing I have been to River Valley, Wellington and am now over in the South Island in Nelson! It's been a chilled out few days just mainly hanging out with new found friends in some lovely places! So now the North Island is complete and my 17 days in the South Island begins!! It's gonna be a busy few days, will update you when possible. :)

Stunning sunset across Lake Taupo!! (on the far side the lake you can see Mount Doom that I climbed earlier in the day!!)

Walk in the Tongariro National Park

River Valley - obviously!

Passing through the town of Bull - the pun possibilities are endless! lol!

Last night (in Nelson) 10 of us from the bus, cooked a Mexican Feast of Fajitas and Nachos, a bit extravagant but at $9 each still a bargain! Lots of lovely lovely people!

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