Thursday, 20 January 2011

Kiwi Experience - Part 3

I know, I know, it's been ages! Sorry! Lets just say that the west coast of the south island is remote and wild and the internet/phone signal is either terribly slow or expensive!!! Today I finally arrived in Queenstown where I will be for 5 nights with easy internet access so more posts coming up :)
Have quite a few photos to share from the last week, where I have been to the Centre of New Zealand, Nelson, Westport, Cape Foulwind, Lake Mahanipua, Franz Josef, Wanaka and around numerous lakes, mountains, relaxed in glacier hot pools and climbed a glacier!!! See - I have been busy!! 

Here are some pics... :) (would like to apologise for not remembering all the exact names for particular lakes, mountains etc, but they are beautiful all the same!)

Sunset from the centre of New Zealand (Nelson)

 Centre of NZ!!! Check out the cheesy grin! :D
 Nelson Lakes National Park

 Crazy british boys from the bus about to get a freezing dunk! (A bit chuffed with my photo taking timing here though :P)
 Beach bonfire in Westport with the group
 Cape Foulwind (closet point to OZ)
 Beach sunset at Lake Mahinipua (yes I know, the lake is behind me here, this is the sea!)

 Sunset at Franz Josef (the first time we saw blue sky in 2 days!)

 Near Queenstown (whilst we watched our Bus drivers do a tandem bungy jump!)
 Puzzling World - Wanaka

Mangee and Josh (our drivers) - Tandem Bungee Jump! (oops it's the wrong way round on the blog but it took an age to upload so you will just have to turn your heads for now!)

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