Tuesday, 29 March 2011

365 Days Ago.....

368 days ago....
.... Two months worth of 'getting to know you' conversation, connection finding, a couple of sort of official dates. An amazing day trip together, ending with us finally talking about 'US' and realising that decisions needed to be made.
366 days ago....
.... Was the end of a weekend of decision making for both of us. I had made my decision and had a peace and joy about that decision like I'd never before felt.
365 days ago....
.... We had that conversation. The one where I told Mike that I wasn't going travelling for a year anymore, and he told me that he wanted to be with me even if I was! :)

The year that followed has been amazing, eye-opening, laughter filled, emotional, full of joy, love and honesty. We survived 60 days apart whilst I went travelling and have pretty much seen each other the vast majority of the 305 remaining days!
In just under 3 months time, I get to marry my best friend and have tons more years filled with the same. It's going to be an interesting journey I know and it won't be easy but I have no doubt we can do it. I can't wait now!

God is GOOD, his timing is quite often surprising but always perfect! His LOVE will never fail!

Looking forward to the next 25,550 (or a few more or less) days!

Mike, I Love You - Always.

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