Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wedding Favours

"Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation  or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception."
Of all the silly ways to spend more money than you need for a wedding... extravagent wedding favours may take the prize! I wish I had the money to give our 100 guests personally engraved diamond jewellery or individual bottles of vintage wine... no I take that back.... If I had that sort of money I still would do nothing of the sort!
In all my online wedding browsing (thanks greatly to stumbleupon.com) I have found some pretty good ones, bad ones, funny ones and down right ridiculous ones.
The following favour ideas are some of the best I've found... this list has been quite fun to research and compile even though I would still never have any of them, they are quite fun so I thought I'd share.....

1. Badges
I actually really quite like these, though I would have to turn 
them all blue and personalise them a bit further. 
I found these HERE

2. 'Whimsical Wonderballs'
Effectively a 'Pass the Parcel' for every table - containing 14 presents, toys and jokes! Awesome!
I found these HERE

3. Personalised M&M's or Love Hearts
What more can I say!? Chocolate and Sweets - but personalised! :D

4. Mini Watering Cans
I'm sure every guest at our wedding would like nothing more than a mini watering can! lol!
Even though we are having a daisy themed wedding and they are quite cute they are useless and expensive :P
 Found them HERE

5. Mini Grand Pianos!!
These are a little bit awesome but I may pretend I have never admitted that!

6. 'Pea's in a Pod' Salt and Pepper Shakers
Now there is a personal reason why this one is great! Mike loves puns (along with most bad jokes) and he hates peas, so from very early on in our relationship, there has been a hunt for opportunities to flaunt the Pea/Pun opportunities - usually in the form of christmas/birthday cards etc. I saw these wedding favours and laughed instantly! It's a shame that 100 of them would cost us £270!!!
They're from HERE

7. 'A Slice of Love' Pizza Cutters
Another favour idea rife with pun opportunities!
Quoting from the website HERE...
"No matter how you slice it, there's simply no topping Kate Aspen when it comes to creative wedding favors! Place “A Slice of Love” Pizza Cutter next to each table setting, and when your guests go home, they'll take a “pizza” your heart with them—in a deliciously designed pizza box!"

8. All things lovely and 'handmade'

Found HERE and HERE :) 

9. Table Trivia

I actually LOVE this idea!! An icebreaker, spare-time filler and a take-home present for the table!
Everyone loves a pop-quiz don' they!? Found a whole range of these HERE!

Well I think that's all for now, you can look for hours! A bit of fun but mostly waaaayyy too extravagent!
Let's have a think of how I can get creative! What can a really stand to hand-make 100 of!? Hmmmm we'll have to see I guess :)

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