Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A little bit of Thankfulness...

Today I'm thankful for...
  • Productiveness! WOOOOOOOO! It seems that having an appointment at 8:45 in the morning then getting back home only 1 hour later really sets you up to fill the day with lots and lots of usefullness!
  • Several things ticked off on to-do lists
  • The NHS - I know the UK may complain a lot about it but GET SOME PERSPECTIVE PEOPLE! We have FREE healthcare and THAT is a blessing! (Not even America has that!!)
  • The cute photo on this post today! Amazing! Comes courtesy of www.interfacelift.com - I LOVE THAT WEBSITE! Even better is the fact that Mike and I have been given Salt and Pepper Shakers just like these for our new home :)
  • Wedding plans coming together nicely - apparently we're really organised! 
  • Hugs, hugs and more hugs!
  • Ug boots for use in FREEEEEEEEZING England!
  • That I wasn't in Christchurch for the earthquake as the hostel I was in only 3 weeks beforehand is now no more!! 
  • That everyone I know in Christchurch is alive and well!
  • My band - I love you all - it's a priviledge to make music with you :)
  • The UK benefit system. Though flawed, it's allowing me to job-hunt and carry on living in Bath paying rent and bills :)
  • Pancake Day!!!!! I'm sure I will be even more thankful for this later on today when my mouth is full of pancake! :D
  • Mike - have I mentioned he's amazing!? :P
  • That everywhere in Bath is walkable (and when I don't want to walk, my fiance has a car :P shhhhhhh)
  • Finding the wedding shoes I wanted online for £9.99!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!
  • Honesty, friendships, hope and an exciting future unknown! 
There's just a few to be going on with :)

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