Thursday, 17 March 2011


  • For sunshine! I went out without a coat today! It almost...almost...almost reminds me of the summer I was having a few weeks ago the other side of the world!
  • Beautiful Bath. Took the de-tour route home from town today via the Royal Crescent and Victoria Park - it was lovely :)
  • That today I actually tried to do a funny blog post about the silly little things that annoy me and after 10 mins I had only thought of 3 - so I gave up lol!
  • Unexpected potential music job opportunities! I could actually be employed doing something I love! AMAZING! Watch this space... (and pray)
  • After the bargain of £10 wedding shoes last week, I just finished making all my Bridal Jewellery and it cost me a grand total of £8 :)
  • The satisfaction of lots of ticks on a to-do list
  • Finding just enough to do to stop me going insane being unemployed
  • My churches 11th Birthday! Woooooo I love you FREEDOM BATH & BRISTOL!! 
  • Lovely girly chats with fellow engaged friends - getting excited now! :)
  • A year ago this week - Mike asked me on our first date :)
  • 14 weeks and 2 days till our wedding!!!!!!

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